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We add value to companies by developing and tracking their accounting.

• Accounting Recovery.
• Bank reconciliations.
• Reconciliations: Clients, Suppliers and Others.
• Monthly Balances.
• Recapitulative Maps of Customers and Suppliers.
• Stock control.
• Assets control.
• Closing of the Year.
• Elaboration of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
• Preparation of the Report and Accounts.

Tax Advisory

Through the analysis and understanding of economic and financial results, we maximize the fiscal efficiency and profitability of your company. Compliance with all your tax obligations.

• Analysis, planning and fiscal framework of taxpayers.
• Regular fiscal follow-up.
• Clearance and submission of Withholding Statements (IRS and IRC).
• Clearance and Payment of Account and Special Payments (IRS e IRC).
• Clearance and Submission of Periodic Declaration (IVA).
• Completion and submission of the Model 3 Declarations (IRS).
• Estimate of taxes on profits (IRC).
• Completion and submission of Model 22 Declarations (IRC).
• Completion and submission of the Simplified Declaration IES.
• Elaboration of the Fiscal Dossier.
• Litigation Support: Complaints and Challenges.
• Regime applicable to Non-Habitual Residents (RNH).


Financial Consulting

Management Consulting

Administrative Consulting

We have specialized teams capable of ensuring gains for our Clients in the management of financial areas.

• Control of accounts receivable and payable;
• Treasury management;
• Management of financial investments;
• Management of responsibilities;
• Payments to third parties and taxes;
• Economic and Financial Diagnostics;
• Elaboration of economic feasibility studies;
• Support in setting up financial operations;
• Investment Projects.

We adapt our services to the needs of each Client in the preparation of their budgets and their control.

• Preparation of budgets;
• Support in the definition of operational objectives and respective indicators;
• Budgetary control;
• Definition of action plans;
• Support for the establishment of new enterprises;
• Study and implementation of analytical and budgetary accounts;
• Study and assembly of internal systems or circuits in the organization of enterprises;
• Business Rationalization.

We collaborate in the execution of specific administrative, accounting and financial tasks of each company. Our aim is to reduce and / or eliminate existing structures and thereby reduce costs and improve business performance. The proposals are carefully studied and analyzed in order to obtain a “tailor made solution” that is effective and advantageous for the company.

• Billing Issuance and Control;
• Registration and control of current accounts of Customers, Suppliers and Other Debtors and Creditors;
• Registration and Purchasing Control;
• Stock Registration and Control;
• Registration and control of fixed assets;
• Treasury Management;
• Adequacy of information systems to the needs and resources of the company.

Human Resources

We assure to small, medium or large companies an adequate response to the complexity and specificity of the Human Resources.

• Employee registration management.
• Assiduity Management.
• Compensation processing.
• Issuance of Maturity Receipts.
• Compliance with tax and parafiscal obligations.
• Structuring of salary framework.
• Creation of digital support for payroll transfers.
• Payment Methods.
• Income statement and Tax withheld.